$ 8,400.00

*Note: all gowns are made to order, please allow up to three months for this order to be shipped, however most times this gown ships within a month*
Our piece de resistance , and  coupe de grace, our finale showpiece Grace. Measuring 10 feet wide and 12 feet long.  An included 3 hoop crinoline gives support to the skirt which has over a linear mile of organza ruffles, hemmed with boning to give fullness and white satin ribbon. The sharp sweetheart bodice is soft white cotton and embellished in acrylic rhinestones for a maximum effect the minute you walk into a room. This is the definitive Haute Couture ballgown from Novikova, and it is bound to elicit gasps of elation from every person who comes into contact with it. Look no further for an elegant, compelling, and impressive embellishment for a night to remember. The ultimate princess gown for the ultimate princess; Grace

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